The portfolio includes:

For the Pharmaceutical Industry:

o   Identification of service companies for outsourcing or insourcing projects

o   Support of the management of outsourcing and collaboration projects

o   Discussion partner placement to help define alternative collaboration terms


For Biotechnology Companies and Drug Discovery Service Providers:

o       Identification of companies for services or licensing opportunities

o       Due diligence on platform technologies and capabilities, including benchmarking against competitors 

o       Preparation of presentations material to expertly position your scientific and business offerings

o        Full support in Business Development and Strategy optimisation


           For Academic Institutions:

o   Support for the planning of preclinical discovery programs

o   Identification of Pharma and Biotech companies for potential collaboration


            For Investors:

o   Evaluation of companies, technologies and therapeutic assets

o   Discussion partner for alternative strategies to de-risk investments


            With respect to Japan:

            Support for Japanese Companies

-         to identify the best partners in Europe for new technologies or licensing opportunities

-         to facilitate the interaction with European and/or US companies

            Support for European Companies

-         to identify potential partners in Japan for services or licensing opportunities

-         to facilitate interaction with Japanese companies and provide introductions to the key players


Dr. Rainer Netzer

phone: +49 170 4422334